About us


"Everything we do is guided by our desire to create works of art for your interiors. We hope that they will continue to reveal themselves to you each time you look at them, and bring you joy for years to come." 

Victoria wearing a gorgeous velvet coat in ‘Perfumes of the Night’ in Moroccan Blue, made by Soop.Style

Victoria wearing a gorgeous velvet coat in ‘Perfumes of the Night’ in Moroccan Blue, made by Soop.Style

We are a new London-based luxury interior lifestyle brand, set-up by Victoria Hill, offering textiles, wallpaper and fashion accessories. We are owned by Victoria Hill Bespoke Soft Furnishings, a successful soft-furnishing and interior decor company operating in West London. Our dramatic debut collection, 'Ephémère',  embraces the pure joy of unrestrained colour and painterly expression, with a palette chosen to uplift, inspire and delight.

Our Story

Victoria grew up in London and France in a home full of creativity. Her mother worked at Dior and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and passed on her passion for Interiors, History of Art and the Decorative Arts. Victoria studied History, History of Art and French in the UK and France. Following a 15 year career in marketing, which took Victoria across the globe, but left her creatively unfulfilled, she decided to unite her love of making and interiors, founding a bespoke soft furnishings and interior decor company in West London.

The genesis for Salon Libertine™ came following a visit to an immersive Chagall experience, in the caves of Les Baux de Provence in the South of France, where huge projections of his works were displayed and animated. The joy of Chagall's colours and the expression in his brushstrokes, when re-created on these immense textured ancient walls, started a feeling and a journey, which 18 months later culminated in our ambitious launch collection 'Ephémère'.

We live and breathe colour and are constantly in awe of how it can transform the mood of a room or a person. We believe that Nature’s floral bounty and our skies are quite simply the most beautiful works of art ever imaginable. Our designs reflect our desire to bring the joy that these elements inspire in us, into your homes and into fashion. The Ephémère collection can work for you whether you wish to create a contemporary or a traditional scheme, through the accessories and paint colours you choose.

We are passionate about supporting local artisans and their skills. Our textiles and wallpapers are printed in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, using locally sourced base cloths wherever possible and small British businesses with hundreds of years of experience. We have painstakingly selected the highest quality natural base cloths including sublime pure Irish Linen, 100% British Cotton Velvet, Cotton Silks, Heavy Cotton Sateen and Irish Linen Union. We have also recently added a high quality, lustrous polyester velvet to our collection due to popular demand.